School is Open!

By Richard Hall | Posted: Monday May 11, 2020

Following on from the Prime Minister's announcement this afternoon, our school will be open to all students from Monday the 18th of May.

We have been working towards this announcement for a week. 

We want to assure you that the health and well being of the staff and students is very important. To keep us safe, personal hygiene practices and contact tracing are going to be very important.

This starts with the clear message that we cannot have students here at school, who are ill. Please remember, this means slightly ill or unwell. If we are to maintain the low infection rates, heading into cold and flu season this will be of primary importance for some time. If your son comes to school unwell, we will need to send him home.

Over the next few evenings, I will be sending more specific information to you all, please check your emails and Facebook regularly for updates. 

The great news is that classes will begin at 8.50am on Monday. It will be great to see your son again (and it might be time for him to find his uniform!!)