Hostel Update

By Matthew Markham | Posted: Thursday May 7, 2020

While the country has been in lockdown there have been 14 international students and four housemasters staying at the hostel.

Like the rest of the country, the boys were largely confined to the hostel during level 4 but since moving to level 3 staff have taken the boys on several excursions including to Doctors Point and the peninsula. 

Regardless of the alert level, there have been many games of basketball and gym sessions in the newly created McCaw room, which in true boy fashion have become very competitive. Prep has of course been a big part of the lockdown with the boys spending much of their time doing on-line learning. 

Despite being in high spirits the boys are very much looking forward to getting the other hostel boys back and going to school again. I suppose like all of us, they crave a bit of normality.

A big thank to housemasters Layne Opetaia, Pita Sinamoni, Christian Lio-Willie and Joe Fisher who have lived at the hostel throughout the lock down and have supervised the boys. Your dedication and concern for the wellbeing of the boys has been truly appreciated by students and parents alike. Thank you as well to the kitchen staff, lead by Kitchen Manager Donna King, who have provided the boys with such delicious meals. 

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