Working Through this Challenge Together

By Rob Wither | Posted: Thursday May 7, 2020

Together as a community, we have and are continuing to face this current COVID-19 challenge and we will continue to do so as a school community, region and as a country.

As an interlinked community, I know you will all join me in recognising the work done by essential workers whether it’s been on the farm or indeed any point on the food production and packaging chain, grocery and supermarket, logistics, transport, medical and emergency workers. All have had extremely important roles in managing our response to COVID-19 under very difficult, stressful and sometimes dangerous circumstances. They have done this quietly for the benefit of New Zealand society. Thank you for your service under very trying circumstances.

Some of us have had another important role to play. That of staying home to minimise the chance of transmission of COVID-19 while attempting to work, teach and learn which has not been that easy with all the rapid changes in our daily routines that come with a six-week lockdown of this nature. Some of the community in the interim has also gone back to work under level three conditions which will have been quite challenging with the logistics and protocols. Again, thank you for managing this change of circumstances. We are here to support you in any way we can.

It now appears that we are looking to go to level two shortly, subject to a Government announcement. This is very positive news for all of us, as we look to slowly move back to pre COVID-19 life but with social distancing conditions and rules in place. This new change, when it happens, will again bring moments of uncertainty as we work through both the potential social and/or economic impact of coming into level two.

Within our community this may, in some instances, cause raised anxiety and stress levels for individuals and families as they manage these changes. Together we can manage this challenge, by being supportive of ourselves and of each other.

What really matters now is:

  • to do the best you can but recognise that everyone has limits.
  • to be kind to yourself and others as staying connected with colleagues and loved ones is really important.
  • to look after yourself and your family members.

I have attached below a further resource that may help support our school community. It includes general support ideas around trying to reduce stress and anxiety for individuals and families. Please also note the following does not replace any advice or direction given by official NZ government web sites or directions given by our School Leadership team.

You are welcome at any stage to seek further confidential support if you wish.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Rob Wither
Guidance Counsellor [email protected]