Quiz Time!

By OBHS Library | Posted: Monday April 27, 2020

From time to time the library will post a quiz. Give it a go! There might even be a prize for you to collect when we return to school. Email your answers to: [email protected]

Answers will given the day following the questions.

1. Which rockstar played Jack Sparrow's dad in the Pirates of Carribean series?

2. What is the main ingredient in baba ghanoush?

3. A group of foxes is called?

4. How many NBA championships did Michael Jordan win for the Chicago Bulls?

5. Which Racer holds the most grand prix wins?

6. What country won the first FIFA world cup in 1930?

7. What year was the first iphone released?

8. What does HTTP stand for?

9. Who discovered penicillin?

10. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel prize?

11. How many parts does the average car have (screws and bolts included)?

12. Which country produces the most coffee in the world?

13. How many taste buds does the average human tongue have?

14. Which american state is the largest by area?

15. Which city in the world do you find the Taj Mahal in?