2016/2017 NZ Biology Olympiad

By Pru Casey | Posted: Monday June 27, 2016

Otago Boys' High School has a strong history of success in the Biological Sciences with many past students gaining entry into competitive courses such as Medicine, Physiotherapy and Dentistry. This is due to hard work on the part of the students and also the opportunities taken along the way. For example our top science scholars; Tim Chisholm, William Pelet, Johnny Mottershead supplemented their school learning with the Olympiad program.

Olympiad programs provide students with tutorial support for a competitive exam that chooses students to represent NZ at international competitions through Science Olympiad NZ.  SONZ supports Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Robotics and Physics competitions. Students who are keen to continue their learning after the school day and indeed into the school holidays are encouraged to apply for the Olympiad programs. The NZIBO - (Biology Olympiad) entry exam is coming up shortly, entries close 5th August - see Ms Casey for details or register your self online at http://www.nzibo.org/nzibo/

Several OBHS students have already jumped online and registered. They are ready for a great learning journey!!

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