Our Challenge Together

By Rob Wither | Posted: Wednesday March 25, 2020

Together as a community, we will face this current challenge and together we are all going to have moments of uncertainty that are likely to cause in some instances, raised anxiety and stress levels for us as individuals and as families.

This is likely to be a difficult process to adjust to over the coming days while we get use to our isolation from our normal routines, but we will face and met our challenge together, as colleagues, as friends, as families and as the OBHS community.

Together we can manage this challenge, by being supportive of ourselves and of each other that is what really matters now.

  • to do the best you can but recognise that everyone has limits
  • be kind to yourself and others as staying connected with colleagues and loved ones is really important
  • while also looking after yourself and your family members during this difficult situation

I have included some resources that may help support our community which I have attached below. They include support ideas around trying to reduce stress and anxiety for individuals and families. Please note it is not an exhaustive list and please also note the following does not replace any advice and/or direction given by official NZ government web sites and/or directions given by our School Leadership team.

Ngā manaakitanga

Rob Wither
Guidance Counsellor