The 2015/2016 AFL Season Successful for OBHS Students

By W Kain | Posted: Monday May 2, 2016

Competing for Otago at NPC senior level, playing in the AFLNZ premiership in Auckland weekly during term 1  and representing the New Zealand Hawks at Under 16 (level 1 Academy) and Under 18 (level 2 Academy).

Bradley Affleck played his first 2015/2016 senior game against Christchurch for Otago. Then represented New Zealand in the ANZAC weekend tournament against the New South Wales Schools representative team. A versatile player who was used around the ground against the experienced NSW team. Bradley is  likely become a Centre Half Forward in the future.

Over ANZAC weekend Josh Mackie stood out and used his knowledge developed through the AFLNZ premiership where he played for the Western Crows. He also received the rising star award for his last game in the premiership. As an attacking mobile midfielder for New Zealand Josh was an agile ball magnet.

Hayden Johnson played in the AFLNZ premiership for the Southern Saints as a Roving Forward. While playing for New Zealand he was promoted to Centre Half Forward a position that sees a player up against the opposition’s best player. Hayden is a player with a smooth kick and solid hands and will develop into a regular feature in the AFLNZ competitions.

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