Year 9 Creative Writing

By Aramis Fitzgerald | Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Entry log 140. stardate 21/14/2356

Captain James Lancaster entry log 140 stardate 21/14/2356: Still gaping at the stunning view of Earth and space I float around knowing that this will be the last entry I will make. Since the ORBITRON exploded I have been drifting through space, it’s beautiful but I am still alone. Roberts, Fitzpatrick and I were repairing the ship when it happened, we thought it was minor damage to the ship's oxygen container. But the damage was bigger than we thought and as we climbed out in our EVA suits the container broke and turned the ship inside-out in a muted explosion. The three of us were tethered together but only I was far enough from the ship to not be shot at with shrapnel and punctured.

I’ve been floating in space for 5:39:12 as my suits watch says, my suit has got another 3 hours of oxygen and my jetpack is running low with no other sign of a space station in site. My suits radio broadcaster has sustained major damage and cannot be used for broadcasting. The crew of my expedition was a crew of 5, Engineer Jack Roberts, Medic Frank Winchester, Pilot Jonathan Mackie, Scientist Ella Fitzpatrick and me Captain James Lancaster.

The time is now 8:58:59. My oxygen is now running on 10% I can feel the change of air in my suit, turns out my HUD was also damaged so it was stuck on 30% when it was rapidly going down. Still no sign of any other space stations so this is the end. The Earth's setting sun is blindingly beautiful and the cities are turning on and glistening in the night.

My daughter, Louisa Lancaster is my only next of kin and my beloved daughter I have dedicated this to you. (loud hissing noise)