The Last Word

By Samuel Chadwick | Posted: Monday February 24, 2020

Tn koutou. Cheers boys for letting me have the privilege to stand up here, and say my last word.

I went on an Outward Bound trip through the Christmas holidays and it taught me a lot. One thing I learnt that I want to talk about is that there are three zones of comfort: you have a safe zone, a challenge zone and a danger zone. The boundaries for these zones are different for everyone. 

On this trip I learnt a lot about myself, some of my fears etc. The biggest thing they focused on was keeping us in our “challenge zone”. For me that was the 3km run every morning (as you can tell) and heights. Whereas, for others in my group it was just merely social interaction. Whatever it was, something was always pushing our challenge zone. Therefore, expanding my comfort zone to things I previously thought was a fear of mine, to something I can now find enjoyment out of. For those wondering what the danger zone is, it is just blatantly not a good zone to be in, whether it be emotional or physical. A danger zone can literally be unsafe at home, hanging with a few questionable people or something that is extremely emotionally draining, like a break up. Overloading a 5 seater and tipping 140 on the highway can very well be in the danger zone as well. But it is up to you to make those decisions.

I know for a fact A LOT of you boys will be in that danger zone, whether it be at home or at school.

A very good skill to have is to realise what zone is what, to fully be able to grow as a person. We all have the power to choose what zone we want to be in, it's all up to you.

For most of us, the comfort zone would be at home in bed, watching Netflix or just out with the boys on a crazy weekend. Whatever it be, it is the place where you feel most secure in yourself, emotionally and physically.

My challenge to you boys, is to step out of that comfort zone and experience being uncomfortable, despite your mind at the time. It is a really good way to learn and develop as a person. How else are you going to do that first back flip, or just simply get on with your homework you have procrastinated all week to do. You could almost say this challenge zone is the equivalent of “sacking up” in a life type format.

My OBHS journey has been a bit of a roller coaster. I have loved most of it and tried to chuck myself into that challenge zone as much as I can, with sports, friends, cultural activities and other school related stuff.

But for me personally and quite likely most of us, it's all in your head. It’s that inner demon telling you, "you can't do this" or "you can't complete that in time." “Mankind invented the atomic bomb, a mouse would never invent a mouse trap” - Albert Einstein. 

Boys, you really are your own worst enemy. Don’t hold yourself back, make that decision to be in that challenge zone. If you are ever going to conquer a goal, whether it be an apprenticeship, or just as simple as getting through the day. You have to conquer yourself first. “Hutia te rito o te Harakeke, e kore e tipu anō” “pluck the heart of the flax bush, lest it sprout anew.”

Tēnā tātou katoa.

Kia ora boys.