Awards Presented

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday February 4, 2020

NCEA Level 1 and 2 Centurion Awards were issued at assembly this week.

A centurion passes 100% of their NCEA assessments attempted in a calendar year and achieves the full NCEA qualification in that calendar year.

The Level 1 students who were in Year 11 last year, receive a bronze oak leaf, while the Level 2 received a silver.

The oak leaf symbolises "A Man of Oak" and was chosen by the Student Council group in 2015 to represent our school motto: Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant.

Level 1 Centurions:
Dylan Abernethy, Scott Alexander, Oscar Anderson, Finn Bielski-Cook, Alexander Boomer, Reuben Bouman, Adrian Branzuela, George Brookland, Jonathan Burnside, Benjamin Burrow, Blaine Butler, Haiyz Camplin, Yun Chang, Xavier Chisholm, Oliver Colloty, Reuben Cook, Michael Crosson, Maclennan Dennison, Tristan Escueta, Brayden Foote, MacLeod Glaister, Oliver Hackett, Thomas Hamilton, George Higham, Finn Hurley, Boudewijn Keenan, Liam Kerr, Jamie Le Comte, Ciaran McBurney, Jake McLean, Jack McFarlane, Oliver McKewen, Moss Pelvin, Thomas Pope, Josh Reeves, William Reid, Oliver Richards, Joshua Sammut, Kaia Sheehy-Wikio, Harry Smith, Jak Stevenson, Reid Sunderland, Mohammad Taha, Raaid Taha, Angus Taylor, Cody Thomson, Daniel Torr, William Turner, Andrew Wang, Richard Wang, Sebastian Whiston, Lachlan Williams, Alexander Wilson, Matthew Woodfield, Nicholas Wright and Winnie Zeng.

Level 2 Centurions:
Ayoub Ahmad, Ramez Allo, Elliott Alloo, Angus Brett, Liam Connolly, Peter Crosson, Allen Diao, Ahmad Diwan, Cameron Elliott, Joshua Friend, Thomas Grayson, Angus Henderson, Leo Holt, Caleb Hughes, Cameron Jefferies, Isaac Lee, Caleb Marr, Cameron McMillan, Dominic McPhee, William Murrell, Arden O'Donnell, Freddie Pankhurst, Matthew Pyper, Michael Ruske, Walter Savage, Tamatea Schweikert and James Seo.

Otago Boys' had twelve hard working students on the NZ International Biology Olympiad Programme over summer and they received bronze certificates in assembly for their achievements to date.

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