A Fine Start

By OBHS | Posted: Friday January 31, 2020

The year has started well. The weather has improved, our boys are smiling, and we are down to business in our classrooms.

New boys were made welcome with our mihi whakatau. Nervous faces relaxed and smiles appeared as the boys were made to feel part of our school community. In the first full school assembly in the gymnasium, the boys were introduced to our poem for the year, William Wordsworth’s, “Character of the Happy Warrior.” The focus is resilience and respect for one’s self. Respect is our focus for the term, as without it, it is difficult to develop good character and other skills needed to lead a happy and productive life.

As the old adage goes, “First impressions are important” and our boys have made a positive impression on their teachers and on each other.

In the grounds and the classroom, the hum of industry is heard. Behaviour is exemplary and uniform is being worn with pride by the boys who have chosen to become OBs boys and, in time, OBs men. It is a positive and thriving environment – and we expect that this will continue.