Biology Visit to Otago University

By P Casey | Posted: Monday March 7, 2016

The Year 13 biology class were invited to tour the School of Physical Education last week and to test their skills in the flume, on the VO2 Max treadmill and hot room.

The students are studying the homeostatic mechanisms of the body that enable endurance athletes to race in a wide range of climatic conditions over several days while maintaining constant internal conditions that allow maximum biochemical efficiencies. Yegan Wang was our OBHS subject on the treadmill and his oxygen and carbon dioxide levels were monitored along with heartbeat and body temperatures. 

The students learned to interpret data to evaluate efficiencies and also to consider what happens when the balance breaks down. The swim flume, a multi million dollar facility and only one of its type in NZ was explored and applications for testing cold water survival, specialist swim suits and athlete performance were discussed. Jim Cotter also spent time with the students sharing his knowledge of the science of endurance racing.

 We were incredibly lucky to enjoy this rare learning opportunity thanks to the staff of the University of Otago Physical Education School.

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