Mountain Biking

By Andrew Willmott | Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2019

Despite recent rain, and a less than favourable forecast, the decision was made to ride on Wednesday afternoon.

Most of the local tracks are saturated but Nichols Creek offers plenty of tree coverage and gravelled tracks, so the call was made to ride there.

With a determined bunch of 10 boys we climbed for close to 45 minutes and were rewarded with a big jump at the top (and a fun downhill).

Josh Bathgate, Wyatt Payne and Will Helm were in the thick off it, landing some big jumps. Later Pieter van Rooyen 'sent it' too. Unfortunately, his landing was a little less graceful and, despite looking like he might correct it, he had the biggest fall of the day. A few punctures delayed our return to School but a fun riding experience when it looked like we wouldn't get to ride.

Thanks again to Nick Beekhuis and Nat Munns for making this happen. 

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