Who do you know from 1993?

By Paul Twemlow | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2019

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Today's throw back Thursday is from Year 11 (Fifth form) with Mr Oban as the Form teacher.

If you were there for 1993 you may have seen:

  • New Zealand had a National - Jim Bolger government  and a population of 3.5 Million.
  • NZ voted and 53.9% changed our voting system to MMP 
  • Bill Clinton became President of the USA
  • Microsoft released Windows 3.11 and the Internet had about 700 websites 
  • TV Shows like; Beavis and Butt-head, X-Files, Beverley Hills 90210 and the final season of Cheers
  • NBA Player Steven Adams was born
  • Nirvana - In Utero topped the charts
  • Jurassic Park and Mrs. Doubtfire ruled the box-office
  • Doom was released to computer gamers on MS -DOS
  • Commodore 64 and Nintendo where the gamers choices and Playstation was yet to be invented.

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