Māori and Pasifika Celebration Night

By Enoka Taufua | Posted: Thursday October 31, 2019

Kia ora, Malo ni, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Bula vinaka, Taloha ni and warm greetings.

Tuesday night saw our Māori and Pasifika communities come together to celebrate the success of our students in 2019. Students were awarded with cultural, academic and sporting awards and were recognised for their amazing achievements across a wide range of areas within the school and the community. It was also an important opportunity to farewell our Year 13 students who have contributed greatly to our Pasifika and Māori communities.


Year 9
Maori Cultural - Dennis Kristel
Pasifika Cultural - Isaiah Maole

Maori Sports - Isaiah Mafi
Pasifika Sports - Tai Tasi Cortz

Maori Academic - Ollie Oberlin-Brown
Pasifika Academic - Marama Nicholas

Year 10
Maori Cultural - Daniel Marsh
Pasifika Cultural - Akelisi Tioti

Maori Sports - Ollie Cashmore
Pasifika Sports - Ollie Cashmore

Maori Academic - Nathaniel Williams
Pasifika Academic - Sam Cikamatana

Year 11
Maori Cultural - Joseph Spooner
Pasifika Cultural - Semisi Taeiloa

Maori Sports - Reuben Bouman
Pasifika Sports - Patrick Sefo-Cloughley

Maori Academic - Lachlan Williams
Pasifika Academic - Mohammed Tariq

Year 12
Maori Cultural - Hoani Wipaki
Pasifika Cultural - Kilifi Uele

Maori Sports - Benji Crossan
Pasifika Sports - Parker Aluesi

Maori Academic - Tamatea Schweikert
Pasifika Academic - Gerry Coote 

Year 13
Maori Cultural - Masyn Opetaia
Pasifika Cultural - Semisi Fukofuka

Maori Sports - Taylor Dale
Pasifika Sports - Tevita Pole

Maori Academic - Colby Allen
Pasifika Academic - Max Brown

Thank you to staff, students and parents who attended the celebration.

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