A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday October 17, 2019

It was great to see the boys again after two weeks break. They have certainly started the term well and I believe we have the right energy leading into this last term.

As a school we are naturally focused on the academic results for your son. This week every Year 11-13 student had a new academic results report added to their portal. This report looks at the credits to date; where their internals are now AND a results sheet from last terms practice exams. As parents, you have access too.

I would ask that you take the time, no matter how well you think he has done, to sit with your son and look at the reflective questions that have been included. Self-reflection, rather than self criticism is an important tool for any thinking person to develop. Together, I am sure you will both enjoy the exercise.

For Years 9 - 10, week 5 will see their next set of Junior Examinations. I spent the holidays reading through their self-reflection from June and shortly, they will be given back in form time. Ask to see it and use it as a starting point. If he said, "I didn't study enough." Then, that is the first thing to fix. I would like to remind parents that our junior homework diary, has a full page of study tips.