Nicholas Robinson - Hosted by Nigel Woodhead

By Nicholas Robinson | Posted: Tuesday October 15, 2019

This year Nic has been hosted by Old Boy and previous Young Farmer of the Year 2017 Nigel Woodhead on Fridays as part of the Gateway experience.

Nic has completed twenty Agriculture Unit Standards by correspondence with Ms Irving's guidance. Nic was fortunate to be selected as one of the students The Southern Institute of Technology hosted to do a Residential Telford Taster Course this year.

"During the first week of the October holidays I attended the Taster Camp to get an insight of what Telford was like. Some of the activities were: Health and Safety, fencing, break fencing, driving side by side, water trough maintenance, maintenance in the dairy shed amongst many other activities. Even though I knew most of the skills and techniques they were teaching us, it was interesting to see the different ways and techniques that other farmers use. I enjoyed my time at Telford over that week and I am thinking about applying for Telford next year."