Biology Olympiad

By Pru Casey | Posted: Monday September 16, 2019

Congratulations Liam Connolly of Year 12!

Liam has gained the top mark in the New Zealand International Biology Olympic programme entrance exam. This national entrance exam is sat by talented science students throughout New Zealand and Liam's top mark is to be commended. Liam will now join a training program of supported tutorials and online labs for the summer, training for selection to the National Camp held at Auckland University in April 2020. If successful he will represent NZ at the Biology Olympiad in Japan next year. Training alongside Liam are 8 other successful candidates including talented Year 11 students. These students will work through the summer holidays on the tutorial program and sit a second exam in February. To have 9 successful students from one school is unequaled in the South Island.

We wish our successful candidates luck and urge them to work hard in their next leg of studies. Mihi to Liam Connolly, Ciaran Mc Burney, Luke Geddes, Noah Oseki, Richard Wang, Nicholas Wright, Kaia Sheehy Wikio, Tamatea Schweikert and Joshua Brunt. We are very proud of you!

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