Notable Otago Boys' Artist Series

By Brigid Allan | Posted: Wednesday September 11, 2019

It's that time of year again. With painting and printmaking portfolios due in just over a month, the art room starts to get busy.

Over the next few weeks the Art Department will share with the wider community some of our notable Art students from 2019. Based on criteria that is not solely focused on talent, we recognise that perseverance, respect for others creative endeavours, creative curiosity and idea development are integral to developing as an artist.

This week Harry Smith is our Notable Artist.

Harry is an inquisitive artist who has a passion for photography. Over the year Harry has shown a personal drive for his photography, seeking to capture moments with his lens outside of the school art curriculum.

The image chosen today is a photo Harry took in Autumn, no photoshop was used, rather he waited for the right moment to capture the light. Coming to school early one morning with his photography partner in crime, Eli Hill, Harry captured the iconic building of Otago Boys' High School, which has been the focal point for many artworks in the past, in a new and innovative way.