Our Boys Taking to the Sky

By Judah Nika | Posted: Monday September 2, 2019

On Sunday, Judah Nika and Sam Hughes had an early start as they did their pre-flight checklist for an adventure around Otago. Judah stayed and did aerial photography around Brighton while Sam went on his first cross country to Waimate, Kurow, and Omarama.

Judah has done multiple cross countries (a cross country is travelling more than 15 km). This was Sam's first time and he had a blast. 

Judah is a student pilot wanting to get his Instructors rating and eventually an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License), Sam is the same. Judah and his flight instructor have recently started up the Otago Aero Club Young Aviators and they are trying to encourage more teenagers into flying. Judah became good friends with Sam after taking him for a flight. They have both been working together to make flying videos and aerial photography. 

Both are training at the Otago Aero Club and are helping out with Young Aviators, Judah is Co-Chief of the Young Aviators. Judah and Sam, with help from the Otago Aero Club are going out and spreading the word about this amazing hobby.

“Flying is a great way to see the world at a different view, literally!” And as much as the cost is demotivating, persevering will get you at new heights!

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