2nd Place in Poetry Competition for Judah

By OBHS | Posted: Monday September 2, 2019

Congratulations to Year 11 student Judah Nika, who was awarded second place in the Dunedin Secondary School Poem Competition held recently.

Life Comes Life Goes

The engine coughed
The plane jerked
It turned to its side
It doesn’t work

My body strains
I put half flaps
To start it up
Restart the mains

I see the ground
Closer and closer
Brace for impact
It's not over

I feel a thump
Crash aloud
I fly out the window
Onto the ground

It goes pitch black
I cannot see
Is this the end?
Could this be?

I see an angel
Then I curled
Then I realise
Time to leave this world

In the end
You'll all see
Life can come
But can go easily