By Anthony Sewell | Posted: Wednesday August 28, 2019

The Under 15 Red Rugby team has had a season of learning this year on the rugby field. Losing by a big score in the first game the boys had two choices, give up or preserve.

They chose to preserve and worked hard to improve their rugby. Several close games and a couple of wins over the season showed a marked improvement in their rugby skills by the end of the year. As their coach I knew how positive they were during games on a Saturday and how much they were relishing playing rugby with their mates. What we as a team didn’t know was that each week, as part of the Highland Park Sideline Initiative, the referees were grading our captain, coach, sideline and whole team on their attitude towards the game (and the ref!). We were excited to find out that the team had been awarded the Highland Park Sideline Initiative award for our grade and for winning this award had an end of season trip to Highland Park. This prize highlighted how well our boys had demonstrated the school values and represented themselves and the school throughout the year.

On Saturday the 24th of August the Under 15 Red team went on their end of season trip to Highland Park. It was an early start to the day but the boys had a wonderful time doing a lap of the race track in the bus, looking around the Museum, and challenging each other on the go cart track. Oliver Moffatt and Jack Underwood-Nicol were drawn at random and had the opportunity to have an extra go kart race against Keven Mealamu. 

All the boys were again a credit to the school and had a wonderful time. Congratulations on your award boys, it was well deserved. 

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