Year 13 PE Triathlon Assessment

By Jane Gourley | Posted: Monday April 11, 2016

Despite having summer-like conditions the day before, this years Year 13 Physical Education Triathlon was run in cool temperatures thanks to a southerly front that had come through the previous night.

Wetsuits quickly became highly recommended and lycra became less appealing race apparel.

With the water being so cool many of the students made quick work of the 300 m swim and layered up to begin the 10.8 km bike. Having ridden out into the wind many of the boys appreciated the tailwind for their return to transition. Struggling with the intricacies of gear changing and differences in tyres and bikes saw the field change a lot after the swim.

Going out onto the run many struggled with the change of having to carry their body weight on tired legs. The run taking them back out onto the road they had cycled for 2.4 km to return back to transition for the finish.

Overall winner was Hamish Trembath (48 mins 3 secs) followed by Lachie Brandham and Sam Wardhaugh. Of the 32 who attempted the triathlon, four students achieved Excellence and 11 Merit! A great result on the back of just over eight weeks of training. The boys now move their focus to evaluating the effectiveness of their training programme in preparing them for this event and looking at safety management issues in running a triathlon.

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