And They're Off!

By Tony Gabbusch | Posted: Friday May 12, 2017

Despite the weather, which would suggest gumboots as the best footwear, our annual year-level cross countries have been run today.

As well as running, the boys were also throwing gumboots in a competition to see who could actually launch one the furtherest distance. Winston Ward of Park house won the Year 9 race with a significant distance to the next boy to complete the race, Ashton Booth of Saxton house and the top three was rounded out by Callum Hill, also of Park house.

As expected Nathan Hill ran away with the Year 12 race and Liam Turner cleared away from the field in the Year 13 event.

Winners were:

Year 9 - Winston Ward

Year 10 - Josh Potter

Year 11 - Jack Divers

Year 12 - Nathan Hill

Year 13 - Liam Turner

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