OB's New Crop Measure Themselves Up Against Old Boy Sam Timmins

By Brent Matehaere | Posted: Thursday March 23, 2017

Old Boy Sam Timmins stopped by for a chat at school on Wednesday. He had time to catch up with a few of the new crop of basketballers in the school.

Sam is currently half way through his freshman year at the University of Washington in Seattle. He had a great start to his college career starting in the majority of games and playing against and along side some of the brightest stars in the basketball world.

The boys were quick to question him on his experiences over there, the crowds, the gyms, the most amazing plays and Markelle Fultz. Fultz is the same year as Sam but has already put himself in the NBA draft and is a potential Number 1 draft pick.

Sam will return to school next week to complete his year of study and to introduce himself to his new coach Mike Hopkins. He is looking forward to his Sophomore season with the promise of new systems and opportunities that are on the horizon for him with national teams.