High Performance Sports

The aim of this course is to improve player performance by building an environment “off the field” which enhances players’ “on-field” performance. The course will use sport as a context to develop life skills for success.

(Specifically the intention is for the students involved to further develop self-discipline, team work, individual responsibility, having exposure to competitive situations, making appropriate lifestyle choices, and to enhance their levels of personal fitness)

  • Students at NCEA Level 1 have access to 22 credits from achievement standards 
  • Students at NCEA Level 2 have access to 16 credits from achievement standards

The high performance programme will focus on:

  • Fitness training
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Nutrition and life-style
  • Game sense and mental skills development
  • Leadership development and training
  • Video analysis and player assessment
  • Position specific training and skills development delivered by staff or external resource coaches
  • Study skills
  • Mentoring of students accepted into the programme  

The motivational characteristics the programme requires focus on the demonstration of strong intrinsic motivation, high levels of commitment, a willingness to take on instruction; and a well-developed work ethic.