In Memoriam

This section allows us to record history and the part our Old Boys played, sometimes inadvertently.

We should never forget.

We acknowledge the recent passing of the following Old Boys of the school:

Colin O Barkman (1951-54) died 21 March in Dunedin aged 79 years.

Alan D McRobie (1950-1954) died 3 April in Christchurch aged 80 years.

Alan S Markby (1944-45) died 10 April in Dunedin.

Eric J Puddle (1957-58) died 19 April in Dunedin aged 73 years.

Robert A Sinclair (1943-46) died 20 April in Christchurch aged 87 years. 

Russell R Brown(1946-1949) died 6 May in Waimate aged 86 years. 

Gordon L Elliot (1944-46) died 11 May in Dunedin

Robert A Bell (1949-54) died 9 May in Dunedin aged 81 years.

Jeffrey L Wilson (1963-66) died 14 May in Timaru aged 67 years. 

Kenneth G Sharples (1962-63) died 13 May in Dunedin.

Bruce F Duncan (1952-53) died 22 May in Alexandra aged 79 years.

Graeme N Hastie (1949-50) died 22 May in Dunedin.

Gordon S Turner(1945-47) died 23 May in Dunedin, aged 86 years.

George E Tyler(1950-52) died 27 May in Auckland.

Harvey G Wellman (1943-47) died 31 May in Wanaka, aged 87 years. 

Lloyd E Duncan (1934-36) died 31 May in Waikato Hospital, aged 96 years.