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Year 13 - Keegan Henman

Keegan is a fine young man who has really personified our school value of respect this term by taking on a mantle of leadership within the Whanau class and quickly proving to be a great role model and a tutor for the Wairua PÅ«hou group too. Keegan has also been actively involved in helping our school articulate our values in Te Reo Maori, lending his expertise to help develop our school culture.

Year 12 - Angus Hewett

Angus is a mature, considerate student who is already doing extra work in preparation for the end of year externals. As well as being a hard worker, Angus has a bright and positive outlook. He shows respect for his peers by often helping others in his class and by role-modeling a readiness to learn across all of his subjects.

Year 11 - Ahmad Diwan

Ahmad is a bright and positive student who is respectful and appreciative of his opportunities in class. Always super enthusiastic to learn, Ahmad is grateful and quick to help others who struggle with their classwork, including translating for fellow Syrian students.

Year 10 - Cruz Wallace

Cruz is a young man who typifies the value of respect for self, for others and for his learning too. Cruz works hard in class and goes out of his way to be helpful and inclusive of others. He is always positive, polite and organised - a middle boy who reaches for his heights.

Year 9 - James Monson

James is a keen and respectful student who is always kind to others. He works well in class and offers to help other students whenever the need arises. James respects his learning and his peers; he is proving himself to be a student the school respects and values in turn.